LAB120-XL 1.2m Grow Tent (120x120x200cm)

1.2m grow tents  have long been a favourite amongst our customers. The LAB120-XL which stands at 120cm x 120cm x 200cm, now offers you super strong poles capable of supporting up to 100kg, a Diamond Mylar interior for reflecting maximum light to your plants, plus a whole host of other fantastic features which will greatly benefit your grow.

Not only is this tent strong, durable and packed with useful features, it also offers an excellent footprint in which to house a variety of medium sized hydroponic systems, or a good number of pots if you wish to grow using compost or other soil mixes. Typically this tent will accommodate between 4 and 9 plants depending on your plant species and style of grow.

We recommended that you use up to a 600w light in this grow tent, with good quality intake and extraction fans.

Did you know that we do a short and extra tall version of this grow tent? The LAB120 stands at 1.8m high making it ideal if you need to grow in a low ceiling room. The LAB120-XXL is 2.3m tall, which is perfect for growing extra tall plants or simply keeping your lights and other equipment well out of your way.        

  • - Guaranteed for 1 year
    - Thick 25mm steel frame (hang up to 100Kg)
    - Large side access doors
    - 99% light proof
    - Diamond cut mylar interior
    - Military grade zips
    - Over-sized ventilation socks
    - Air-cooled reflector socks
    - Tough outer shell with reinforced corners
    - Removable spill tray
    - Fan/filter hanging straps
    - Non-toxic plant friendly materials
    - Pest guard passive vent windows
    - Electrical socks top and bottom
    - Locking frame connectors

  • Size (WxDxH): 1.2m x 1.2m x 2m (4' x 4'" x 6'6")
    Frame thickness: 25mm x 1mm 
    ​Interior lining: Silver Diamond Mylar
    Suggested lighting: 600w
    Hanging bars: 3 x 25mm (100kg Max.)
    Intake vent socks: 2 x 28cm (11")
    Extraction vent socks: 4 x 28cm (11")
    Air-cooled reflector socks: 2 x 28cm (11")
    Cable stocks: 2 x 10cm (4")
    Primary access doors: 1 x front
    Secondary access doors: 2 x side
    Passive vent windows: 2 x side
    Filter/fan hanging straps: 4 x 130cm

    Fabric weight: We stopped using 600D material a few years ago in favour of a superior tri-layer 210D fabric. We found this fabric to be more light proof whilst still offering excellent durability. In fact, since using this material we have never had a return due to rips or splits.

    Box Size: 124cm x 33cm x 16cm
    Gross Weight: 20KG

    Assembly Instructions:

    Grow Tent Assembly Instructions   Click icon to download (5MB)

  • - Framework kit
    - Canvas outer shell
    - 4 x fan / filter straps  
    - Internal spill tray
    - Storage bag
    - Assembly instructions

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