Grow Tent Reviews

Finding and buying the right grow tent can be very tough these days, with so many different options available the mind boggles! From cheap poorly made non-brand tents found on sites like eBay to high quality and feature packed branded tents like Hydrolab.

Whilst a cheap non-brand tent might be very appealing for those on a budget, this route is more often counter-productive, with cheap tents failing within the first few weeks or even days of use! We've had customers come to us for replacement tents due to their non-brand tents quite literally falling apart at the seams, or in extreme cases having had their light and fan systems collapse on their plants!

Obviously we could bang on all day about how great our tents are but why listen to us? Why not see what actual Hydrolab customers have to say about our products. Below are reviews left by real customers that have recently bought one of our tents. The following list is updated as and when our customers leave reviews, good or bad. We have no control over what gets published as this page is controlled by an independent review system hosted by Yotpo. We hope that the following reviews will help you making the right choice.