Grow Tents by Hydrolab

Grow Tents Built to Last

Hydrolab is an independently owned grow tent company run by a team of hydroponics experts based in Leeds West Yorkshire, United Kingdom. We are highly focused on providing you with practical, easy to assemble tents that are not only full of well thought out features, but are also strong, durable and very affordable.

Our first grow tent rolled off the production line back in November 2007. Since then our tents have been in a constant state of evolution, with many improvements to design and the addition of many useful features along the way.

January 2014 marked the launch of our 6th generation of tents, which are now available in 14 different sizes, 6 of which are totally unique to Hydrolab. Our latest range are built upon Hydrolab’s already tried and tested platform which now gives you even more, including ultra-thick steel poles capable of supporting up to 100kg, click-lock steel corner connectors, a Diamond Mylar interior for superior reflectivity and a 1 year guarantee for your total peace of mind. A full list of features can be found here.


With a hanging weight of up to 100kg Hydrolab grow tents are up to 4 times stronger than other grow tents. Our poles are 100% metal and are the thickest / strongest on the market. All poles and corner pieces are powder coated to prevent rust and are made from the highest quality steel for maximum strength and durability. 


Each of our grow tents are engineered to last a lifetime, and are made from a thick triple-layer reflective material that has been specially stitched, meaning that they are extremely tough, will not leak light or allow unwanted odours to escape.


Although we make super high quality tents with specifications that outshine most other tents, our prices are in fact very reasonable. Yes we might not be as cheap as some of the generic tents that can be found on eBay but this is for a very good reason. Although on the surface grow tents might look the same, this is simply not the case! 

What Our Customers Think

Obviously we could bang on all day about how great our tents are but why listen to us? Why not see what our customers have to say. Below are just a few recent comments, for further real-time grow tent reviews written and submitted daily by actual customers click here. All reviews are hosted and delivered to our site automatically by an independent review company called Yotpo, which means we have no control over what gets published - good or bad!  

"Best grow tent on the planet" (5-Stars)

What else can I say, read the title - awesome tents! - Garry G.

"Yet again, another quality tent" (5-Stars)

I have now purchased several of the Hydrolab tents and can honestly say they are superb. They look good, feel great and give cracking results. Very sturdy poles and VERY light proof. Well done Hydrolab! - Tom C.

"Quality Grow Tent" (5-Stars)

Best grow tent I have ever bought. Great dimensions (if you are working with limited space) easy to put together and very sturdy. Do yourself a favour and buy a Hydrolab tent, you will not be disappointed. Super quick delivery as well. - Jason T.